Amalfi Coast Bookmark


Personalized Amalfi paper bookmark, size 22×4 cm with a print of a series of 8 different watercolors representing the landscapes of the Amalfi Coast.


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Personalized bookmark in Amalfi paper

Personalized paper bookmark of Amalfi printed with watercolor illustration of Lo Scrigno di Santa Chiara. This particular copy, represents one of the many suggestive views of the town of Amalfi with its houses on the sea present in the repertoire.

In addition to this version, they are available with the print of a series of 6 different watercolors representing the passage of the seasons, made by the Tuscan artist Luca Mancini and in the wedding placeholder version with personalized initials.

Dimensions: 22×4 cm

Raw material: 100% Amalfi cotton paper

This post is also available in: Italian

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