Positano lemons

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Block notes in Amalfi paper with 30 ivory sheets, available in different sizes, suitable for different dry and wet techniques or simply usable as a notebook.



Amalfi paper sketchbook

Positano among the lemons

Watercolor sketchbooks in Amalfi paper with 30 sheets in ivory in the 200gr version and 15 sheets in the 300gr version.

Available in different sizes. Ideal for drawing with pencils, graphite, charcoal, ink or watercolours.

Thanks to the characteristics of Amalfi paper, the sheets underneath your paintings will not show signs of paint.

Thanks to their texture, Amalfi cotton paper sketchbooks are particularly suitable for both wet and dry techniques or simply for use as notebooks.

The cover can be personalized with the exclusive images of the Scrigno di Santa Chiara or on request.

They are glued on top and have between completely free sides where the typical fringes of Amalfi paper are visible.

This post is also available in: Italian

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Sizes (cm / inches)

10×7 / 4×2,8, 13×8 / 5×3,1, 11×15 / 4,3×6, 11X15 / 4×3,6 340 GR, 15×21 / 6×8,3, 15X21 / 6×8,3 340 GR, 21×30 / 8,3×12, 21X30 / 8,3×12 340GR


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