Sketchbook in Amalfi paper

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Collection of sketchbooks made of 100% cotton Amalfi paper for watercolors and for artistic use in general.

The type of paper with which they were made, is suitable (depending on the chosen weight) to act as a support for any medium.

Each block in this selection, is available in different sizes with 30 sheets of 200 grams and for some variations also available in a heavier version (340 gr) that lend themselves well to wetter techniques and for the use of tempera and oil colors.

Each sheet of these sketchbooks for artistic use has the characteristic frayed edges, a guarantee of the manufacture and the Amalfi origin.

The cover can be personalized with the exclusive images of the Scrigno di Santa Chiara or on request.

Each sheet of paper enclosed in these albums is made by hand following the traditional rules of production preserved over time by the Amatruda family.

Even today, in fact, this fine watercolor paper, which has become a worldwide boast, is made with the same craftsmanship technique of the past.