“Cherry Blossom” Wedding Invitation


Wedding invitation set with “Cherry blossom” decoration on folding cardboard with Amalfi handmade paper thread. 

The framed decoration on the first page reproduces a cherry blossom branch in antique pink with a special technique that creates, when the surface is hit by light, particularly shiny and bright pearly visual effects. It has been created using artisanal printing methods.



Amalfi paper folding invitations with cherry blossoms

This Amalfi paper invitation template in ivory color, is made using a cardboard of about 22 x 17 cm. made foldable by means of a water line arranged horizontally to the sheet. In this way, the card is prepared with four different pages of about 11.5×17.5cm. The framed decoration on the first page reproduces a branch of cherry blossoms in an antique pink color using a special technique that creates, when the surface is hit by light, particularly bright and shiny pearly visual effects. It was created using artisan printing methods.

Each of these sheets is made individually in complete respect of the traditions and craftsmanship techniques handed down for centuries by the master papermakers of Amalfi.

On the lower right hand side of the inner page is placed the “Amatruda” watermark which, together with the characteristic frayed edges, are a distinctive sign of originality and Amalfitan provenance.

The position of the watermark is also a convenient aid to recognize the correct direction of printing and folding.

The paper is suitable for use with laser or ink-jet printers.


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  • Open: 22 x 17 cm (8,6 x 6,7 in)
  • Closed: 11 x 17 cm (4.3 x 6.7 in)


  • Cherry Blossoms

Decor Color:

  • Antique Pink


  • 200 g/sqm

Decoration color:

  • Ivory

Matching envelope:

To be completed with:

This post is also available in: Italian

Weight N/A
Invitation set

Folding invitation "Cherry Blossoms", Envelope 12×18, Invitation 11×9, Invitation 13×8


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