A5 Format “Cherry Blossom” Wedding Invitations


Invitation set with “Cherry blossom” framed decoration on A5 size Amalfi paper.

The decoration on the front page reproduces a cherry blossom branch in shades of pink.

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A5 bambagina paper wedding invitation with cherry blossom branch

Invitation template made from A5 size 340 gram Amalfi bambagina paper with a cherry blossom branch decoration.

This card is used in this set in combination with the ivory envelope measuring 16 x 23 cm and the invitation card for the reception in a choice of two sizes: 11 x 9 and 13 x 8 (Useful links at the back).

The sheets of this size bear on the lower central part the watermark with the name of the Amatruda paper mill in an elegant Italic cursive that can be taken as an indication of the printing direction and as a guarantee of originality of the product. These are made individually in total respect of the techniques and traditions used by the ancient papermakers of Amalfi to make this paper a valuable asset and Italian excellence in the world.

The sides of each sheet have the characteristic unblemished edges, which, together with the distinctive watermark, are a guarantee of the originality of the manufacture and of the Amalfi origin.

It is possible to buy the A5 sheets (without decoration) with their associated envelopes, in elegant gift packs of 10+10; 20+20; 50+50; 100+100, to give as a present or treat yourself to a 100% Italian craftsmanship product.

The paper is suitable for use with laser or ink-jet printers, but they are also perfectly compatible for handwriting with any type of ink for calligraphic use and, thanks to their 100% cotton structure, for decoration with watercolours even using wet techniques.


If you wish, you can use our printing service to receive a finished product ready for delivery.

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If you would like to give our wedding invitations as a gift but are still undecided on the format to choose, you can easily purchase our gift coupon in Amalfi paper of your choice from the various amounts available. After the purchase, a refined card (which can be personalised with a text to be provided) with a secret code will be delivered to the bride and groom’s home (specifying the address). This will allow the bride and groom to purchase the desired model on our online shop with total peace of mind.



  • Cherry Blossoms


  • 15 x 21 cm.


  • 340 g/sqm


  • Ivory


  • Amatruda

Matching envelopes:

Reception card:


This post is also available in: Italian

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Invitation set

Decorated cardboard, Envelope 16×23, Invitation 13×8, Invitation 11×9


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