Ivory pink square “Amalfi” envolepe


These square Amalfi paper envelopes are generally used for mailing the pink ivory wedding invitation set, paired with the same shape folding cardstock and reception invitation card in your choice of two sizes (11×9 or 13×8).



Amalfi paper ivory pink square envelope

Amalfi handmade paper square envelope available in classic ivory color and in this rose ivory.

This model of envelope is used in this set of refined color to enclose the participation of the same folding format and the invitation card to the wedding reception in two sizes to choose from.

Each of these envelopes is individually handmade, taking care to respect the traditional production processes handed down over time by the papermakers of Amalfi. This envelope also has the distinctive frayed edges characteristic of this fine paper, including the closing flap which is pre-glued and on which you can read the watermark of the words “Amalfi” in Italic cursive.

The paper is suitable for printing with machines that use laser or ink-jet technology but is also perfectly suited for calligraphic inks or decorations with watercolors using techniques that are not very wet.

If you wish, you can take advantage of our typography service to receive a finished product ready for delivery.

Contact us through our form, our social channels or the instant messaging button for more information and to provide us with the text of your graphics or for any type of media on our products.


Those who wish to give our folding cards as a gift as stationery or for the realization of wedding invitations but do not know which format to choose, can comfortably purchase our gift coupon in Amalfi paper to choose from the different amounts available. After the purchase, will be delivered to your home or directly to the home of the bride and groom (specifying the address), a fine card (customizable with text to be provided) with a secret code that will allow the couple to buy on our online store the desired model in total peace of mind.

Envelopes features


  • Sold individually


  • 15.5 x 15.5 cm (6.1 x 6.1 in)


  • 150 gsm


  • Ivory pink

Other colors available:

To complete the set:

This post is also available in: Italian

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