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The wedding invitation is the presentation of your wedding that will let the recipient know the importance of the event. It is a decision not to be underestimated for the couple, since from its form will be perceived also the style that will have the wedding ceremony.

not to be underestimated..

The common mistake not to make is to think that no one will give importance to the elegance of this essential step, which is not a simple invitation. The most attentive people will give the right importance to the style with which they will be invited to participate in your big event.

The handmade Amalfi paper invitations from Lo Scrigno di Santa Chiara will give the right elegance to the day you are about to live, the prestige and refinement of those who take nothing for granted. With this precious paper and our knowledge in treating it, it is possible to give shape to invitations that will fit perfectly with your style. The sobriety of the colors, the font, the finishes, the embossing, the sealing, are all details that want to express to the guests something about you, who you are and how you intend to live the most beautiful day of your life.  

Participation and invitation, differences and compilation

A small clarification must be made on the difference between participation and invitation. For the uninitiated, they might seem to be the same thing, but this is not the case: a participation communicates the wedding and invites the guest to participate in the celebration and not necessarily in the reception, whereas an invitation is inserted separately and is pertinent to the event after the ceremony.

Traditionally, the bon ton wants the participation to be sent 50 days before the wedding, but for those who are afraid of incurring possible delays, nothing takes away the possibility of anticipating a few weeks.

There are several formulas for writing an invitation: according to old customs, the parents of the bride and groom should announce the marriage of their children, but today it is customary that the bride and groom themselves do it. In the first case, the names of the bride’s parents will be written on the left, while the names of the groom’s parents will be written on the right. In the second case, more simply write the names of the bride and groom, on the left that of the Groom, on the right that of the Bride followed by the phrases: they announce their marriage; they announce their wedding; they will join in marriage; they are pleased to announce.

Centrally placed on the participation will be the basic data for the presence of guests: date, time, church with its address and place of refreshments (included only in the invitation to the reception)

An invitation to the reception with a separate card is usually composed as follows: Groom’s Name and Bride’s Name will be happy to greet relatives and friends; they will be happy to have you as guests; they will receive relatives and friends

In the event that the reception is intended to invite all the people who have received the participation, you can opt for a single ticket, in which case the use of our model of participation in Amalfi paper model LR is ideal.

Amalfi paper invitations

“The “LR” line is a special product in its shape reminiscent of a telegram from the 1950s and created with the main feature of acting as a sheet and envelope together.

LR Amalfi paper invitations with gold lettering

Each sheet has a watermark of the emblem symbol of the city of Amalfi, positioned at the bottom, in the center of the sheet taken vertically. It ‘s usually used for printing wedding invitations or invitations for other types of events, to be folded into three parts without any envelope combined. On the back of the sheet in fact you can write or print the address of the recipient.

The closure can be made using sealing wax or a sticker with the bride and groom’s initials or other text, combined with ribbons and other materials.”

It is impressive to write the guests’ address on the envelope with calligraphic art and place it on the lower right corner below the stamp.

Last but not the least, it is not essential to add names (Dr./Prof. etc). To fill in a participation for an entire household, it is sufficient to indicate “Family/Surname”.

Everything clear? If you have any other questions about when to deliver, how to fill out or mail the invitations, contact us or leave a comment

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