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The traditional artisan process of Amalfi paper, enclosed in this line of watercolor albums. In its different sizes, each album contains 10 sheets of 100% cotton paper totally free of chlorine and any bleaching substance, guaranteeing at the same time a natural raw material of great prestige and high quality. They are made in different sizes with weights ranging from 200 to 500 grams to ensure excellent results and resistance for those who prefer to paint wet-on-wet.


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Amalfi handmade paper for watercolors

In Amalfi paper

Watercolor albums in Amalfi paper handmade with the traditional artisan process. They contain 10 sheets of 100% cotton paper totally free of chlorine or its components and with a neutral pH to ensure maximum resistance and durability.

Thanks to the different weights available, the sheets lend themselves perfectly to both dry and very wet techniques, adapting to any artistic style.

Available in different sizes with smooth or rough surface.

The exterior of the entire line is made of recycled paper.

PH neutral, not treated with fillers or bleaching agents. Guarantees maximum durability over time.

It is possible to buy watercolor sheets in different sizes and weights even individually.


12×16 cm
17×24 cm
20×30 cm
30×40 cm
35,5 x50 cm


200 gr
340 gr
500 gr



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Weight N/A
Sizes (cm)

12x16cm, 17x24cm, 20x30cm, 30x40cm, 35.5x50cm

Weight (gr)

200GR, 340GR, 500GR


Smooth, Rough


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