Envelope for invitation 13×8


This model of envelope is used to form the smallest set of participation produced in Amalfi paper. In combination with the 13×8 folding card it creates an essential but extremely elegant composition.

Like all sheets of Amalfi paper, the envelopes are produced individually and therefore have all the sides frayed, including the closing flap, which is pre-glued and on which you can read the watermark of the word “Amalfi” in Italic cursive.



Handmade Amalfi paper envelopes for wedding invitations 13×8

Handmade envelopes in ivory color Amalfi paper of size 14 × 9 cm with classic opening. The envelopes are used in this possible combination to obtain a model of minimal participation. Inside them, in fact, should be inserted cards size 13 x 8 in single or folding version. For a possible use as a wedding invitation, it is recommended to combine inside, in addition to this participation, the correlated invitation card to the reception measuring 11 x 9 cm.

Thanks to their format and their versatile weight, these envelopes are perfect for different purposes: wedding invitations, stationery or to accommodate an elegant greeting card.

Each one of these envelopes is produced by hand one at a time in total respect of the instructions handed down over the centuries by the papermakers of the Valle dei Mulini of Amalfi.

Each side of each envelope has the characteristic unblemished edges of this hand-made paper, including the closing flap which is pre-glued and on which it is possible to read the name of the city in italic cursive. This guarantees the originality of the manufacture and the origin of Amalfi.

The watermark is visible against the light and does not cause any disturbance in the process of writing or printing.

The paper is suitable for use with laser or inkjet printers.

If you wish, you can use our typography service to receive a finished product ready for delivery.

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  • 1 + 1

Envelope color:

  • Ivory

Other colors available:

Envelope Size:

  • 14 x 9 cm

Sheet weight:

  • 150 g/sqm

Envelope format:

  • Classic opening


  • Amalfi in italic cursive


This post is also available in: Italian

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