Cards with gold embossing: Santa Claus

Christmas cards in Amalfi paper decorated with a version of Santa Claus stylized with gold embossing by the artisans of Lo Scrigno di Santa Chiara.

The card is a four-sided folding card made of 100% cotton paper that can be digitally printed, decorated with watercolor or written manually with any type of pen.



Biglietti natalizi con doratura a rilievo su carta di Amalfi

Greeting pack with folding Christmas cards and colorful Amalfi paper envelope. Each pack contains 5 cards measuring 13 x 8 cm. (closed) and 5 envelopes 14 x 9 cm. in a choice of plain or mixed colors. On the cover, the decoration is inspired by the universal symbol par excellence of the holiday: Santa Claus. Exclusively created by our craftsmen, the decoration is handmade with a gold embossing that gives the paper a pleasant visual glow.

Each card is created one at a time by artisans following the traditional production processes of Amalfi and has the unique intact edges on all sides of the paper. At the center of each card, a trickle of water is placed in a natural way that prepares the sheet for folding, thus becoming a folding card with four different sides and leaving considerable space for writing.

In addition to their main use, these cards can be used with extreme versatility as ceremony place cards or as wedding invitations during the whole festive period.

The paper is suitable for use with laser or inkjet printers but is equally well suited to handwriting with any rollerball, ballpoint, fountain pen and calligraphy inks. It is possible to further decorate the interior of these cards with watercolors using low-wet techniques.


Those who want to give these Christmas cards in Amalfi paper or any other product on our online store but still have some doubt about the model to choose, can comfortably buy our gift coupon in Amalfi paper among the different amounts available. After the purchase, will be delivered to your home or directly to the recipient’s home (specifying the address), a fine card (customizable with text to be provided) with a secret code that will allow you to buy on our online store the desired model in total carefree and peace of mind.


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  • Santa Claus with handmade gold embossing

Card Size:

  • Closed: 13 x 8 cm.
  • Open: 13 x 16 cm.

Envelope Size:

  • 14 x 9 cm.


  • 200 g/sqm

Card color:

  • Ivory

Envelope color:

  • Ivory
  • Blue
  • Hazelnut
  • Sepia
  • Green

Suggested Uses:

  • Greeting card
  • Wedding place cards
  • Wedding invitations

Compatible with:

  • Laser/inkjet printers
  • Rollerball, gel, fountain pens, calligraphy inks
  • Watercolor (dry), colored pencils.

This post is also available in: Italian

Weight N/A
Envelope color

Ivory, Blue, Sepia, Hazelnut, Green, Mixed


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