Foldable 10×7 ivory cards



Folding Amalfi paper gift cards in the classic ivory color. This particular format measures 20x 7 cm (200g/sqm), making it ideal to accompany a special thought or used as writing paper on important occasions.

Like every sheet of Amalfi paper, this model is created one at a time as was the custom of the ancient craftsmen of Amalfi and therefore has the characteristic frayed edges.

The paper is suitable for inkjet and laser printer use.


Amalfi paper gift cards

Horizontally folded Amalfi paper gift cards. This is the smallest format made in the paper mill (10 x 7 cm. closed) but despite this, thanks to their folding design, it allows a good writing width lending itself perfectly to accompany gifts, as writing paper for special occasions. Once opened (20 x 7 cm.), it is ideal to be kept between the pages of a book as a souvenir and as a bookmark for your own reading. It can be combined with the 11 x 7 cm. envelope with classic opening in the classic ivory color or in six other colors to choose from.

As with all Amalfi paper, these cards are made one at a time in a completely artisanal way, in accordance with the ancient and natural traditions handed down over time by the artisans of Amalfi paper and therefore have the characteristic frayed edges of this fine paper that testify to the originality of the manufacture and the Amalfi origin.

The paper of these folding cards is suitable for use with laser or ink-jet printers but is also suitable for handwriting with any calligraphic ink pen and for decoration with watercolors.

The invitation paper can be folded and cut by hand to create frayed cards to accompany the confetti envelope.


If you wish to give our folded cards on the short side in Amalfi paper or if you are undecided on the model to choose, you can comfortably buy our gift coupon in Amalfi paper among the different amounts available. After the purchase, will be delivered to your home or directly to the recipient’s home (specifying the address), a fine card (customizable with text to be provided) with a secret code that will allow you to buy on our online store the desired model in total carefree and peace of mind.


Contact us through our form, social pages or through the instant messaging button for more information, for assistance on the composition of the sheets to be used and to provide us with the text of your ceremony.

Those who wish can take advantage of our typography service to receive a finished product ready for delivery.



  • Open 20 x 7 cm (8 x 2.8 in)
  • Closed: 10 x 7 cm (4 x 2.8 in)


  • 200 gsm


  • Ivory


  • Horizontal

Matching envelopes 11 x 7 cm:

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