Wedding invitations

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The collection of laser cut wedding invitations and envelopes in Amalfi paper.

The traditional fineness of our paper, enriched by refined decorations and matching possibilities.

The production of these invitations is carried out according to classic artisan procedures transferred over time by Amalfi paper. Each sheet is given birth one by one and has the characteristic intact edges. To finish it all, the fretwork made exclusively by the artisan workshop of Lo Scrigno di Santa Chiara.

Contact us to receive additional information, to match our intaglios to your ideas or to take advantage of our printing service for laser cut wedding invitations in Amalfi paper ready to be sealed.

If you would like to give these or other products from our store as a gift but are undecided on which model to choose, you can purchase a gift coupon to allow the recipient a personalized and carefree purchase.